Molesting priest first person follow up, Vatican visit, Pistorius trial and teacher student sex

happy hands

Long time friend of the show Jimmy Dore told us last year how he avoided repeated attempts at molestation at the hands of Father Daniel “Happy Hands” Holihan but other kids weren’t so lucky.

In this episode Jimmy revisits that experience and brings us up to speed on how investigators caught up to “Happy Hands” recently and what the priest claimed about his interactions.

Also, some Vatican stories (Heather was dressed inappropriately for her visit there), Oscar Pistorius trial, teachers having sex with their students and more.

It’s a lively round table discussion.

Josh Weinstein and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson.

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Josh gets cancer, Josh loses cancer, Josh talks about it in this MINI-EPISODE

josh cancer

Part of our podcast family, Josh Weinstein, has just finished a wild episode with a cancer diagnosis.

In this mini-episode Josh walks us through what happened and how he’s returned to his healthy life as a smart ass.

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L.A.’s radio master of the evening Tim Conway Jr.

tim conway

Tim Conway Jr. has carved out magic every night from 7p-10p on L.A.’s KFI radio.

KFI is the most listened to talk radio station in the country and while some of the station can be big on politics and confrontation at times, Tim has blended his comedic timing, with often lighter subjectmatter to create a die-hard fan base that has made him #1.

Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and Josh Weinstein join in to pump Tim for tales of Hollywood, fatherhood and life at the racetrack.

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The Oscar nominated writer of Captain Phillips

tom hanks

Billy Ray is a writer and director of films that include The Hunger Games, Shattered Glass, Breach, and this past year, Billy wrote the Oscar nominated screenplay for Captain Phillips.

billy-ray-308x188Billy talks about how the scripts/ideas/movies came to life from The Hunger Games to Captain Phillips and talks about the studio system and what goes into the movies of today and yesterday.

The conversation swings from concepts in screenwriting to what the “Oscar Luncheon” dynamics are all about.

Toward the end of the conversation Mark asks him about the controversy kicked up by the movie Captain Phillips that led to a lawsuit from a few of his crew members.

Billy is a great guest with such enthusiasm for films, stories and what he does that we never wanted him to leave.

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3 Guys and 30 Minutes Post Super Bowl reflections


Heather is at the Super Bowl so (as a Broncos fan) she’s spared having to dissect the game.

Ben Mankiewicz and Michael Shure come by for some quick thoughts with Mark on everything from the Super Bowl game, wagering, NFL officiating and the Hall of Fame.























Note: this episode may be best enjoyed by football fans but everyone’s welcome!

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